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IBM Trusteer Rapport Opt-Out Agreement


Should  you prefer to opt-out of the protection that Trusteer Rapport provides against financial viruses and mal-ware, please  contact Treasury Management at 713 275-4949.  Treasury Management will supply you with an indemnity agreement.  Or you can fill out the form below.  Once the agreement has been executed, you will receive a one time code to enter in the web page that will be provided to you (Trusteer Opt-Out Code).

After you have completed the Opt-Out process, you will not receive the pop up requesting you to download Trusteer..  . 


I acknowledge the additional security risk and possible financial loss that may occur by not using the IBM Trusteer security service. Further, I indemnify The Bank of River Oaks against any loss related to online banking that may result from malware or viruses on the company's computer systems.